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Therapy with Individuals and their Relationships
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                     Every word, feeling or act can bring about change...    ...Thich Nhat Hahn



Psychotherapy with Individuals and their Relationship
For more than forty years Dr Richard Hamling, LMHC has provided psychotherapy and clinical mental health services.

Relational-Interpersonal Psychotherapy i
s a non-authoritarian, and collaborative way of being in resolving conflicts, whether this is a clinical mental health matter or issues within the context of ones  relationship. This method is a viable and evidence-based approach to care.

Indeed, it can be hard to live in a relationship and as part of human nature, we can not live without them. Relationships and their patterns are complex.. We can, however, live in greater harmony with ourselves and others by understanding and opening ourselves to solutions, which often times lay hidden from clear view. Understanding therapy from this perspective helps people make their own choices on how to live. Interpersonal-Relational Psychotherapy is not about telling others how to live, what to do or a one size fits all mind frame. Rather, this relational approach is very much person-centered which fosters ones own personal strength and direction. Key is a healthy sense of self-worth, living mindfully or closer to life as it unfolds, a purposeful and meaningful way of being.

Many find this way of therapy useful for a host of mental health concerns such as depression, divorce, resolving trauma, grief and other complicated issues associated with mental well-being.

Research does support the value of psychotherapy in conjunction with medical treatment.

Dr Hamling is licensed to practice psychotherapy, holding a master degree (MSc) in Health and Human Services-Mental Health Counseling and a doctor of letters degree (D.Litt-UK) in Mental Health-Psychotherapy. Dr Hamling has been an adjunct professor for thirty-three years, teaching counseling and human service related courses. He holds Advance Practice recognition as a Diplomate-Clinical Specialist in Mental Health Counseling by the American Mental Health Counselors Association. Dr Hamling  has a keen interest and advance study in the integration of psychodynamic, humanistic and Eastern (mindfulness) concepts in contemporary life.

Richard Hamling, D.Litt, M.Sc, LMHC is an Out-of-Network provider. The client is responsible for submitting insurance information for reimbursement. This insures the greatest amount of confidentiality and freedom for care. Most insurance providers will directly reimburse clients with appropriate receipt and information, which is provided at the time of appointment.

Check, cash, credit cards, flex plans are acceptable means of payment. Monthly statements are not sent. Reduced fee appointments may be available on a limited basis.

Please inquire with any concerns.

                                  Richard Hamling D.Litt, M.Sc, LMHC      
243 Center Street Canandaigua, NY